Sylvaine – Wistful

When Alcest released their 2014 Shelter, there were many dissenting voices among their fans. Originally, it was possible to easily disregard these as the usual detractors of any band which tries to change their sound; we might like to paint metal as a progressive and open genre but we have our fair share of conservatives. However, as further listenings to the album opened up understanding, it was felt by many more that indeed, something was off. It's not that Shelter was a bad album but there was something, some power that Alcest had in their earlier works. By "earlier works" we do not mean their classical, black metal, heavy albums. We're not joining those who denounce blackgaze or even the dream pop that Alcest had started making. On the contrary, we love those sounds and were therefore disappointed with Shelter, which felt more like lip service to the power those genres can hold. Luckily, it appears that a second chance is at hand, in the form of a separate, and yet musically linked, artist called Sylvaine.

Hey! Listen To City of the Sun!

There's something so uniquely captivating and emotive about acoustic guitars. They have a sonic power and expressive range on their own that few other instruments can match, not to mention a deeply rich history across so many cultures and types of folk music. It was those things that initially drew us to the richly dark, haunting, and beautiful work of Canadian acoustic trio Ulvesang last year (and if you haven't listened to those guys yet, you seriously need to get on that already). And in a similar respect, it's those qualities that now draw us to another trio showcasing acoustic guitar work, City of the Sun.