Andy Thomas of Black Crown Initiate: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

This isn't the first time you've seen us geek out about the progressive metal maestros in Black Crown Initiate, and it certainly won't be our last. While their new material has been pretty unexpected to say the least and it's drawn some differing opinions from various writers here at Heavy Blog, make no mistake that Selves We Cannot Forgive features some of the band's most musically dense and daring material to date. Now that the band's recruited shredder extraordinaire Wes Hauch to join the group, the band's overall musical chemistry has reached dizzying new heights with this album, an increasingly challenging concoction of progressive death metal, swirling technicality and soaring clean vocals. I had a chance to chat with one of BCI's founding members, guitarist/vocalist Andy Thomas, about the non-musical influences behind the new album, tackling personal neuroses through lyrics, the band's upcoming tours, and much more!

Best Of – One Man Bands

Going over the twelve entries we've selected as the cream of the musical loner crop, it's amazing to see not only the variety of genres present, but the fact that such enormous, impactful music can come from a single individual. From guitar porn to one man black metal to a whole slew of electronic subgenres, these artists prove that "strength in numbers" may not apply to everyone. Because while this crew may not have been the most social group on the playground, they spent their alone time producing some of our favorite music and proving that collaboration isn't a necessity for quality tunes. So without further ado, sit back and reminisce with us over our favorite one person projects, or enjoy discovering what any one of these twelve musicians has to offer. And of course, feel free to comment with further suggestions of exceptional musicians who handily do it all.