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Wintersun – Time I

s the Time really upon us? Is the wait finally over? Famed Finnish symphonic progressive folk metal project Wintersun's sophomore album Time I is actually getting released. For those unfamiliar with the story; former Ensiferum singer/guitarist Jari Mäenpää created Wintersun, and released a self-titled album in 2004. It was received with high praise and Jari promised he would release a follow-up titled "Time" in 2006. Unfortunately, the computer hardware at the time did not allow for Jari to incorporate all the orchestral elements that he had composed. When the equipment was available, there were financial issues that were sorted out by the label in exchange for the band touring. These and a lot of other factors contributed to the delay of Time, but Jari finally put everything together and made the album happen. But it was announced that the album will be split into two halves and released separately. Long story short, the Time has come for Time to be released, and now we can take a look at the album.