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The Deadstation – Episode 01: Like Peering Into the Deepest Ocean Abyss

As we have mentioned before in a previous article, progressive has many meanings, interpretations, and sub-genres. With some albums, you can point out numerous qualities that gives it it's progressive nature. However, with some albums, you can't explain why it's progressive; it just is. Enter The Deadstation., a 3-piece band from North Chelmsford, MA, who released . They tread familiar waters already paved by bands such as Metallica, Rush, Dream Theater, etc., but they mesh the sound of those legendary groups with more modern metal groups, such as The Devin Townsend Project, to create something very familiar, yet very original. In fact, perhaps their closest contemporary is The Omega Experiment, in that both share 80s progressive metal leanings, and both are very vocal and guitar driven.