Editors’ Picks: March 2017

We like to joke around here pretty constantly that the amount of quality music out there in the world for us to consume and critique is magnitudes more than we can possibly manage, that we are drowning in a sea of music and are suffering mightily for it. We are all the "Why can't I hold all these limes?" guy.

Telepathy – Tempest

We've been lamenting the flaws inherent in post metal for a while now. For at least an equal amount of time however, we've also been discussing some bands that have discovered solutions to several of the more major flaws, producing what we believe to be the hope for the sub-genre. Ever since Telepathy blew us away in 2014 with their 12 Areas., their name has been a staple of such "savior lists". Progressive, evocative and impressive, 12 Areas. was everything that post metal needed at the time. And today? Where does Tempest, releasing today, stand in the ranks of post metal? Why, right where we'd expect it: in the front. Tempest sees Telepathy under a sea-change, a shift in focus and flavor that does wonders for their conviction and their resulting sound.

Bandcamp’s ACLU Day of Donation: A Heavy Blog Guide

Just this past week we saw how important the ACLU still is. One of the first to confront the so called "Muslim ban" enacted by the indifferent pen of Donald Trump, it began the long and arduous legal battle against this administration. With not only the presidency but also Congress and Senate painted in the most extreme and reckless red imaginable, their work will grow seven-fold; now they must take on the legislative branch instead. Thus, and despite of the already remarkable success their fundraising has seen in the past week, Bandcamp's contribution to the ACLU is admirable. We're here to do our share; below you'll find a list of artists that are worthy of your support on this Friday.

Holy Roar Records Files Pt.3 – Pijn’s Floodlit

Hello folks! Usually the title above connotes that you're about to be treated to the writings (or ramblings) of on Matt MacLennan. He usually handles these posts about Holy Roar Records and all their wonderful bands, usually containing some sort of relationship with hardcore. However, we're doing things differently this time around because we're handling a slightly different sound and now I am here! The band in question is Pijn and their album Floodlit, which saw release a few days ago, on the 27th of January. Floodlit is an interesting blend between happy-go-lucky post/math rock in the style of VASA or And So I Watch You From Afar and heavy, grandiose post metal. Right? I can't think of many other labels besides Holy Roar that would be a fitting home for something like that. Let's send you on down for your first listen and congregate after for some choice words.

The Precious, Burning Light of Liberty – Telepathy’s Tour Journal

Last month, we at the blog had an absolute pleasure to sponsor Telepathy's European jaunt. Hitting five separate dates with their post-metal fury, Telepathy exemplify the DIY tour mentality and thus, offer both staff members and our dear readers a rare glimpse into what actually happens on such tours. Below are the unedited, unabridged thoughts of one Teddy James Driscoll, who plays bass for the band.

Telepathy’s “Hiraeth” Is A Masterclass In Post-Metal’s Infinite Possibilities

If you look through the article we wrote on this sub-genre a while ago, you'll find hiraeth in nearly all of the examples we listed there. One of those examples is what brought us here today. Telepathy's follow up to 12 Areas. is one of the releases these two writers have been most anticipating. Lo and behold, just short of a European tour which Heavy Blog is proud to sponsor, the band have released "Hiraeth" and an amazing video to match it. Unsurprisingly, like much of their former work, it's a chilling, dark and moving addition to the annals of post-metal. By returning again and again to this elusive feeling of bereavement, by strumming the strings of this particular, morose heart, Telepathy use the tools of post-metal in a convincing and original way.

Hey! Listen to The Great Cold!

Some band names are just spot on and this a good example for that. The Great Cold invoke frigid spaces but also expansive ones, a toundra which stretches into the horizon, filling your vision with white. Fittingly enough, their music is an instrumental blend of black metal, post metal and progressive metal, creating swirls of snow in a blizzard of violence and music. Their music has the staple of all great instrumental works: while a single common thread runs through it all, in this case the interaction between guitars and drums that eludes specific genre definition, it utilizes enough variety to keep the listener hooked. Thus, we are lost in the great beauty of the ice-plains but we also have landmarks to help us navigate.

Get Another 5 Hours Of Post-Rock For Free With Post-Engineering’s 2nd Compilation!

Man, time flies, doesn't it? I honestly could have sworn it had only been maybe 3 months since I wrote up this post about the excellent blog post-engineering's first ever Bandcamp compilation. That mammoth endeavor included over 4 hours of brilliant music covering a very wide variety of post-rock, post-metal, and other heavily post-influenced sounds. It introduced me to a ton of fantastic bands (one of which even wound up on my year-end list!). It's in fact been half a year since that was released though, and now post-engineering is back with a brand new comp spanning a whopping 42 tracks over nearly five hours. And just like the last one, it's 100% free!