42 – Philosopher’s Guide To The Galaxy

Yeah, this week’s dank number fact is pretty obvious. Also, finally we introduce “Bullshit Philosophy Corner” as an official segment! Oh, we also talk about metal. Stuff like Morbid Angel, The HAARP Machine, From First To Last (and Skrillex), Oddland, Opeth, Jinjer, Defeated Sanity, Carnifex, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Equipoise, Alcest and Cortexiphan. Also some dumb top 50 list. Then we do two topics, namely bands that “you had to be there/then to get”, and how fans fixate on members of bands who have passed away. Enjoy!

35 – Selling Out

We did it! We finally sold out. How? Find out here. In the meantime, we have some news and discussions. Whitechapel’s new album is streaming, Opeth and In Flames sign to Nuclear Blast (with the latter announcing a new album), we listened to and opined on the upcoming Pain of Salvation rerelease and Black Crown Initiate album, new music from Volumes and Brain Drill, Pyrexia’s vocalist killing people, Joey Jordison’s explanation of why he left Slipknot, new album announcement by Sahg, tour news including Pyrrhon, Plebeian Grandstand, Skrillex and Guns and Roses. Then we do a balls deep on Gojira, and also talk about the reception to Eden’s review of Magma and a general discussion about the state of the podcast. Enjoy!

Korn – The Path Of Totality

Korn The Path Of Totality 01. Chaos Lives In Everything (feat. Skrillex) 02. Kill Mercy Within (feat. Noisia) 03. My Wall (feat. Excision and Downlink) 04. Narcissistic Cannibal (feat. Skrillex and Kill the Noise) 05. Illuminati (feat. Excision and Downlink) 06. Burn the Obedient (feat. Noisia) 07. Sanctuary (feat. Downlink)…

I Don’t Mind The New Korn Song.

I know I’m putting myself in the opposition, but hear me out on this before the mindless among you start flinging out f-bombs and removing us from your bookmarks or RSS readers. I grew up on Korn, and they’re the band that got me out of more mainstream music and…