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Ayreon – The Theory of Everything

Arjen Lucassen’s flagship musical project Ayreon has been a mainstay for progressive music fans for almost two decades. With seven prior albums, all of which except for one falling under a massive album-to-album concept, Ayreon has excelled at projecting a grandiose and epic (in a classical sense) feel, giving true meaning to the term “rock-opera”. However, after 2008’s 01011001, Arjen and his fans grew a bit accustomed to the familiar sounds of Ayreon, and a hiatus ensued. After a five years to dabble into different sounds and methods of emotional exploration, Lucassen returns to the fold with what is arguably his most ambitious project to date. Branching away from the now finished “Forever” story-line, The Theory of Everything sees the Ayreon brand venturing into what is undoubtedly the first in a new concept, and with an array of musicians that Lucassen has never worked with before, the new record sails to new and familiar lands alike.