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Bands Plagued By Facebook “Fake Like Crisis”

Over the past few weeks, there's been a bit of a crisis brewing in social media that seems to be strangely isolated in bands in the djent, metalcore, and progressive metal scene. Bands have started seeing an outrageous influx of likes from fake pages. On the surface, it could have easily been assumed that bands were buying up fake likes to boost their numbers, but it's much deeper and complex than that, with
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Periphery – Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal

It's not often that a band travels as quickly into the upper echelons of the metal world as Periphery has. Only now hitting their sophomore release, they boast one of the most rabid fanbases in the genre, arguably for both good and bad. It was all well earned, though; before Periphery came around, not many people were playing such technically demanding and rhythmically complicated music that was also extremely melodic and accessible, blowing the door wide open to the genre of progressive metal from all sides. The fact that they managed to do this while keeping their heads above water in the sea of copycats in commendable. The band's second self-titled album continues the band's ascent into relative superstar status and shows tremendous promise.
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Periphery Now In Studio!

Periphery's self-titled debut record was hands-down my favorite record from last year. Since then, much has happened in the Periphery camp, losing guitarist Alex Bois and bassist Tom Murphy and gaining Haunte... Read More...

Speaking of Euroblast…

What is becoming Europe's premier showcase of progressive metal, Euroblast Festival is fast approaching, and in anticipation they've released this trailer, with music courtesy of Monuments mastermind John Bro... Read More...