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When many people hear screamo nowadays, their minds tend to jump almost immediately to the Warped Tour sensation bands such as Black Veil Brides. It is a term often abused by metal fans to describe simply anything technically in the realm of "heavy" music that they deem unsuitable to be called metal or hardcore; a derogatory term that is an easy way to say "I don't like it." However, this broad, negative view of screamo could not possibly be more wrong, as it is a subgenre within extreme music that many could easily respect. It is the most abrasive, raw, emotional punk out there, yet still melodic at many points, drawing from the post-hardcore/emo sound pioneered just a few years earlier by such acts as Indian Summer, Heroin and Rites of Spring. Sadly, however, after a quick surge in popularity around the time of its inception, screamo took a slight fall from grace within the extreme music community, making it more and more difficult to find new bands that were still popping up in abundance.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Become “The Bait” For Hot Coffin!

Good old rock and roll is a lost art form. it seems that it came and went extremely fast, and with the ever expanding world of subgenres and niche music scenes, it never really feels like we'll see a rock and roll revival. The same goes for punk music, especially because there are so many different variations of the classic genre that it would make it impossible to recreate its original 70s and 80s sound without sounding like a cheap rip off. However, Hot Coffin are taking classic sounds from both of these genres and fusing them together to create one awesome album of punk influence rock and roll. You can hear what I mean by checking out "The Bait", the latest single, below!
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Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds

Black Tusk have always had that "spur of the moment" feel about them. From the minute guitarist Andrew Fidler and bassist Jonathan Athon knocked on their neighbour's door and asked if he wanted to be in their band, there has been this sense of freedom about the way they operate. Their music is the same. It is almost flippant in its design - oozing simplicity; laughing in the face of their Savannah brethren's experimentalism. Consequently, they have very rapidly built up a consistent catalogue of thrash-streaked punk n' sludge that, when performed, can lay waste to any venue.
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I, Omega

Formerly know as The Syncope Threshold, this group from Upland, CA changed their name to I, Omega back in January of this past year. They play a progressive and technical brand of metal in the same vein as ... Read More...