Good Vibrations — A Day To Remember Are More Metal Than Your Band

2009 was a landmark year for me when it came to music. Releases from Every Time I Die and The Black Dahlia Murder were the soundtrack to my first experience of living on my own and, slotted somewhere between the two, Homesick by A Day To Remember became a "guilty pleasure". The dyed in the wool metal head in me was conflicted. Torn even. I knew that the pop driven choruses and "she left me, boo hoo" lyrics were something I should have already got past but the songs were just too catchy to ignore. What business did a pop punk band have dropping savage, infectious breakdowns all over their material? Why do I still listen to this band, unironically? Because A Day To Remember are metal as fuck and I'll fight you after class on the football field if you disagree.
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Parkway Drive – Atlas

Parkway Drive is one of the more successful metalcore bands out there. Their fan base is huge, as well as dedicated. They have brought just about everything to the table over the past three albums; huge ballads that beg to be shouted along to, heavy hitting metalcore songs with brutal breakdowns, and catchy songs with riffs that stay in your mind for a longer time than anyone would care to admit. However the main problem with this band is that over the past three albums, while they have incorporated all of those elements and many more, they have yet to make a truly great album. Spread out over three releases, the most recent one Deep Blue being their best thus far, it is hard not to get the feeling that they had it in them to make a great album that combined all three elements successfully, but never did. So with their latest outing, have Parkway Drive continue to make the same mistake, or did they improve their formula to make a better album?