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Avant-Garde Metal Week Reviews: Akphaezya – Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak

Akphaezya are a French Avant-Garde/Gothic metal band. They are female fronted like a lot of their fellow gothic metal bands, but there's more to Akphaezya than your average Nightwish-alike. Their albums are based on a Greek theater play they "found" (and by found they mean fabricated by their guitar player, but still a great idea). Their music is very ethnically influenced, and appropriately contains a lot of instruments, like organs, cellos, accordions and such. The avant-gardeness in their sound comes from their blend of many genres from smooth jazz, to folk. Their singer even performs harsh vocals, so a very broad palette of music is covered here. But when all these elements are piled on top of each other, does it sink or swim? Let's find out! Hint: It's pretty good!