Hey! Listen to Mirrors!

In the spirit of Rick James, nostalgia is a helluva drug. Each of us has our poison. Movies from our childhood, specific foods, sights or smells that bring us back to a different, seemingly simpler time. Even our politics can (unfortunately) be influenced by our individual or collective sense of nostalgia. But this piece isn’t about that. Mainly, it’s about metalcore. Of all musical stylings, there is perhaps none that bring me back to my formative years of musical development more than this sub-genre. Though I do not find myself listening to metalcore very frequently in my current album rotation, I will occasionally stumble upon an album, single, or EP that scratches that nostalgia itch. Mirrors’ debut EP Fools Paradise does just that.

Oni – Ironshore

The onslaught of the new wave of progressive metal continues. Enter Oni, a Canadian band who are surfing right along that wave. Their debut, Ironshore is just a solid assault of groovy modern prog (not to be confused with djent) that surprises in a plethora of ways. Occupying a space similar to bands like Textures, Persefone and Alustrium, this album should be a bar for up and coming bands to be measured against.

System Divide – The Conscious Sedation

System Divide The Conscious Sedation 01. Vagaries of Perception 02. An Intoxicating Affair 03. Echoes 04. The Apex Doctrine 05. Lethargy 06. (n)Ether 07. Hollow 08. Purity in Imperfection 09. Repent/Forget 10. The Conscious Sedation 11. Stagnant Progression [09/14/10 | Metal Blade] I was skeptical when I first heard of …