Track Review // American Football – “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long”

17 years ago in Chicago, American Football's released an album that would, for better or worse, dramatically change the face of emo. Instead of the shouting/screaming vocals they opted to gently sing theirs. There were no blast beats, no sudden crashes of chaotic feedback but instead gently arpeggiated guitar parts and a light dusting of trumpet. While their contemporaries - such as I Hate Myself - were sad, poetic kids who scared everybody, American Football were the kind of kids who had just enough charm to not seem douchey when whipping out their acoustic guitar at a party. Their music was gentle and had lyrics deeper than even Chicago's deepest dish, and all of this culminated into one particular stellar debut record. However, that was 17 years ago, and while American Football may have returned on a live stage to a large amount of fanfare by the critics who made them legends and fans who adore them, it is questionable how well they have stood the test of time.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Itzamna Debut “Duet”

Clément Belio has been a friend of the blog for a while now, and we've all come to love and respect the massive amount of talent he yields. He is an exceptional composer, but many don't know about his other project Itzamna, which is comprised of some extremely talented musicians based out of Bordeaux, France. They make really fun, upbeat jazz rock in the style of Tigran Hamasyan, but manage to mix in elements of math rock, which makes for some really interesting and exciting music. The guys have kindly asked us to host a new song from them, entitled "Duet", and you can check it out here!