Latitudes – Old Sunlight

Old Sunlight does not relent; track after track, it surprises you with its tenacity, its refusal to be charted and dissected into disparate parts and their corresponding emotions. Instead, it utilizes the beautiful emotional chaos it creates to swing when you’re flat-footed, to being when you’re still gathering your senses, to end when you’re still reaching for more, to push at the exact moment when you’re off-balance. It’s everything post metal should be: brave, varied, disconcerting, impactful and, most of all, emotionally illuminating and revealing. They say light is the best disinfectant and this is the kind of cleansing post metal needs.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s Editors’ Picks for January 2016

Welcome to our new monthly post, Editors’ Picks! In the recent two years, our editorial body has grown quite a bit: from basically two guys running everything, we now have around seven people managing the blog in an editorial capacity, including two (count ’em, two!) Editors in Chief. We thought we’d harness that unique body of editors and use their over-reaching perspective to shed light on specific releases each month. The way it works is simple: each editor gets to pick one album released in January (or in its proximity, as we just said). We write short pieces about them and link you to the album, allowing you to check it out yourselves. There’s no genre restrictions: expect to see some gnarly stuff on here as most of our editors have a very wide range of musical appreciation. Without further ado, let’s dig in into this month’s offering!

Latitudes – Individuation

Latitudes Individuation 01. Hyperstatic Forge 02. Imitation Ruin 03. Vortice Of Malady 04. Isleward 05. Shapeshifting 06. Metabolic Pathways 07. The Glacial Body 08. Individuation (Telos) [07/02/2012] [shelsmusic] In the murky realms of developmental psychology, ‘individuation’ is the process by which a person becomes his or her true self – that is to…

Best of British: Latitudes

Latitudes are a bunch of rude dudes who are lewd nudes in the right moods. Poods. Not really! I have no clue whether any of them have a penchant for nudity, or about their general disposition – although they do seem like a nice bunch of lads. The drummer wears…