Rapidfire Review: Karma To Burn/Ghost Horizon

West Virginia’s Karma to Burn may have been lurking in the hazy underground of stoner rock in several different forms since the 90s, but they’ve never seemed to make the same impact on listeners than some of the other projects they’ve been associated with (most notably Kyuss). Though their tenacious aggression and uncompromising instrumental sound may serve as a decent background to a beer-soaked evening with some good friends, the band’s latest EP Mountain Czar simply doesn’t take enough risks to really stand out from the now overcrowded world of sludgy hard rock

Joining it is Ghost Horizon. This isn’t a type of music that’s easily contained in such bite-sized pieces; it becomes all too easy to lose the emotional weight and feeling of a journey that’s crucial to this genre’s sound. Groups like Wolves In The Throne Room and Agalloch do not typically write songs which lie under the 5-minute mark (as all three of the songs here do). Although it’s certainly not impossible or unthinkable that such a short EP could contain all of the qualities necessary to make this genre work, Astral Possession just… doesn’t. Put bluntly, these songs just are not fully fleshed out enough to have any sort of decent effect on the listener.

Hey! Listen to Fossils!

Fossils are a Denmark-based duo that does instrumental sludge in a new way—that is, without the use of guitars. The band’s members—Simon Tornby and Per Silkjaer—only play bass and drums, respectively. Although their latest EP, The Meating, utilizes vocals, their two albums The Meat Rush and Flesh Hammer do not; instead, they fill the track with some of the most pummeling, earth-shaking, head-snapping riffs and pounding drums ever recorded. Each song the track plays is short and sweet—usually around two minutes—but doesn’t forget to groove like you wouldn’t believe.

Hey! Listen To Warhorse!

I’m a big fan of bands that make really heavy stuff sound super relaxed. Bands such as Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Sleep are all bands that are perfect to listen to if you want to bang your head, or even if you want to just kick back and smoke a…

The Sword – Apocryphon

Metal has evolved greatly over the past 40-something years. However, many of us tend to forget that metal originated from the blues. It was this genre that influenced the first few metal bands, and if you listen to their work, you can clearly hear the influence. Sometimes we also forget how well metal can groove, how well it can get in the pocket. These elements of groove were continued with sludge and stoner bands, and continue to this day. While many of us overindulge in prog, djent, tech, and death metal, we often forget to go back to our roots, to revisit the true origins of metal, and to just relax and enjoy the old stuff. However, there are very few bands that can take this select brand of metal and make it sound unique. Mastodon, Sleep, and Kyuss are all examples of bands that do it very well. However, one band that continues to do it well, and have perfected their formula to deliver their best record yet, is The Sword.

David Grohl Involved In New Mastodon Album?

Mastodon let their fans know that they’ve recently stepped into the studio to write and record their new album by uploading a series of photos in the album ‘New Album Recording April 2011’. The above photo of the legendary Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Probot, Tenacious D, Them Crooked Vultures,…