Inverloch’s Sophomore Release Draws Close With “The Empyrean Torment”

Inverloch’s upcoming album, Distance Collapsed set for a 3/4 release via Relapse Records, is set to be a crushing, complicated and highly effective album. It will probably fill this year’s eccentric slot on many an end of year list, drawing on places of human emotion which are often uncomfortable to gaze towards. In the meantime, you might try to listen to this track a couple more times to prepare yourselves, but I doubt that will aid you. If this is any indication, there will be little preparing for this beast.

Inverloch – Dusk | Subside

Inverloch Dusk | Subside 01. Within Frozen Beauty 02. The Menin Road 03. Shadows Of The Flame [04/10/12] [Relapse Records] I’m going to be fairly honest and sincere: I am not all that knowledgeable on doom metal. You have the melancholic masters of more mainstream doom like early Anathema and…