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Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas – All That We Have Now

Do you like J-rock influenced metal? Electronica elements? Autotuned clean vocals? If these sound like the worst plagues that can be brought upon music, then it's pretty safe to say Fear, and loathing in Las Vegas probably aren't for you. It's easy to see why these elements scare many people off, but it would be unfair to dismiss FALILV just because of prior bands who have used those elements poorly. An immediate comparison can be made to Eskimo Callboy, but that band misses the point completely, whereas FALILV have a completely different focus on similar themes. Their sound is a more brave exploration of the mixture of trance and metalcore, with a slight experimental slant that evokes Iwrestledabearonce and adds a clear direction that is in favor of musical integrity while bringing the aforementioned elements together. Still here? Then let's see how All That We Have Now fares.