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Bloodshot Dawn – Bloodshot Dawn

What happened to good old melodeath? In the 90s and early 00's, melodic death metal was in its prime. As time passed, people moved away from it; and most bands that were good at it either changed their sound or stopped being good at it. There are still a few bands (Insomnium for example) that hold the line, but largely the genre remains stale and on life support. Enter UK's Bloodshot Dawn. These guys, all on their own, recorded, produced, and released their self-titled debut album into this dwindling scene. As an up and coming band, it's a precarious position to be in; because arguably most of the things in the genre that are worth doing have already been done since the genre is so specifically defined --- or so one would think. Bloodshot Dawn will probably be a surprising breath of fresh air for many, as it dispels certain notions about the genre and instills hope for future endeavors in melodeath.