Heavy Chat Is Heavy: Streaming Exclusivity

We’ve covered the concept of streaming exclusivity before, including our extensive deep dive on steaming services and our multiple opinion pieces on Protest the Hero’s Pacific Myth. But 2016 has seen an explosion of high-profile artists releasing exclusive, stream-only releases on platforms like Tidal and Apple Music. With industry heavyweights like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean signing on to the trend, it seems as though this might be a new feature of modern music consumption that – for better or worse – might be here to stay. So we assembled a group of editors and contributors interested in the subject to dissect the issue in our latest Heavy Chat. The conversation ended up running long, but we think you’ll find we covered a lot of ground and – hopefully – you’ll learn a bit more about the way your music consumption is likely morphing right in front of your eyes.

Heavy Chat Is Heavy: Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool

There are many times in our little enclave of Heavy Blog staff and contributors where we have great private discussions and back-and-forths on a variety of topics that never see the light of day. Sometimes these chats and conversations eventually turn into fully-formed articles and essays, but more often than not they simply languish and remain a pile of unused potential. The sad fact is that most of us simply don’t have the time to write all the posts, thinkpieces, and more that we want to, especially not in any sort of timely way when it’s about a current news topic.

So in an attempt to bring more of these kinds of discussions to light in a more open-ended and casual format, we’ll occasionally be bringing you these group chats featuring different members of the Heavy Blog staff. If you’ve read any of our Jazz Club columns you’ll already be familiar with this format on this site. We don’t expect these to happen with any sort of scheduled regularity, but anytime there’s something interesting going on – news, new releases, some dumb internet bullshit – we think might be interesting to open up to discussion for you all, we’ll try to make it happen.