A Gift to Artwork

A Gift to Artwork: The Ocean/Mono’s Transcendental

Thus even in conclusion we are still left with ambiguities. Some will feel that the soul fell through each of the three bardo, preparing for rebirth and another cycle of life. Others will feel that it achieved Enlightenment, that it was liberated from the cycle of life and death, and that it successfully reached nirvana. One thing that we can all agree on is that The Ocean, Mono and cover artist Florian Bertmer have come together to craft a truly exceptional work of art, one in which the music, lyrics and artwork are intricately woven together into a most beautiful tapestry. Transcendental was declared the best EP of 2015 by the staff of Heavy Blog, and hopefully now we all know why.

A Gift to Artwork — Napalm Death

The grind kings are universally established as pioneers and for over three decades they have tortured passers by with their ever evolving sound. With a combination of filthy dystopian poetry, buzzsaw instruments and prisoner free attitude, the Brommies have given a world they look on with contempt, so much more than music. Let's have a look.