The Year In Electronic Music (So Far)

If the past few years are any indication, the album format has been on the rise in electronic music. This wasn’t always the case, as EPs had long dominated the landscapes of all its subgenres at least tangentially related to the dance floor. That still holds true today, but there's definitely been a recent tendency of artists turning to the LP as a means of branching out and experimenting with their sound, and 2017 has been no exception. As a result, these past three months have already provided us with an array of stellar electronic albums. Below, I'll cover some of my personal favorites.
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East of the Wall – Redaction Artifacts

Musically speaking, New Jersey's East of the Wall are a pretty weird bunch. It might seem that the band deliberately takes on the purpose of perplexing listeners and antagonizing critics alike, because it's rare to find a review of any of their past releases which doesn't emphasize just how difficult it is to grasp their sound (our own reviews included). This difficulty stems from a number of factors, not the least of which is the quintet's off-kilter approach to the three-guitar attack, or their eclectic blend of post-metal, prog, sludge, and post-hardcore. While it seems the band does take pride in this enigmatic nature, it is a role which has thus far taken the backseat to that of, y'know, making killer fucking music. This trend certainly continues on their latest album 'Redaction Artifacts'.