Hands of Despair – Bereft

Beginning as a solo project in 2009, Montreal’s Hands of Despair digitally released their debut album back in 2011. Billed as progressive death metal, the project developed into a fully-fledged band in 2014 and they’re now set to release their latest offering, Bereft, on February 9 2016 through Deathbound records.

Hey! Listen to Abhorrent!

Whilst Abhorrent may be a new name for you, its members likely aren’t. Comprised of Nick Brown on vocals, Marlon Friday on guitars (Absvrdist), Lyle Cooper on drums (ex-Faceless, Absvrdist) and Erlende Caspersen on bass (Spawn of Possession), it will come as no surprise to learn these guys are playing technical death metal; and brutal technical death metal at that.