Heavy Buys // May 2022

Welcome back once again to another edition of Heavy Buys, the column where we play show-and-tell with recent purchases, with a focus on vinyl and physical media.

Machine Gun Kelly – mainstream sellout

The pieces are in place for some solid pop-punk material, and with the right guidance (looking at you, Travis Barker), MGK can stand there, ably play four power chords, and deliver some mid-to-good pop punk when inspiration strikes. Unfortunately, this follow up to Tickets to my Downfall feels more like a clumsy pastiche of bad pop-punk tropes and hip-hop influences than a particularly inspired nostalgia trip it intends to be. 

Undeath – It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave

There is a simplicity to Undeath's sound in their emphasis on songwriting and powerful riffing, and one would be hard pressed to find a band as catchy as them in the OSDM sphere. As was the case with Lesions, their hotly anticipated follow-up It's Time... To Rise From The Grave is a masterclass in death metal, and a clear love-letter to the genre's history.

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Author & Punisher – Krüller

Following Beastland, Krüller is yet another monumental step for Shone in refining the songwriting and broadening the possibilities of the Author & Punisher. It's his most listenable project thus far, but no less avant garde or confident in its position resting along the cutting edge of contemporary industrial music. Krüller is often as crushing as any of Shone's past work, but with added emotional complexity and versatility to potentially catapult the record to the top of his discography.

SOM – The Shape Of Everything

Shoegaze act SOM arrived in 2018 and melted hearts with their debut album The Fall, then blew us away from the stage at POST. Festival the following year. The act (featuring members of Junius, Constants, and Caspian) has been described as "doom pop," which isn't inaccurate; the baseline SOM modus operandi consists of colossal low-end, lush guitar layers, and airy vocal hooks delivered through a wash of delay and reverb, without pretense or complication.

Devin Townsend – The Puzzle / Snuggles

Devin Townsend's The Puzzle is certainly going to be a controversial spot in his discography, but ultimately serves a real utility for Devin's psyche and artistic process. These are not your standard studio albums with traditional songs with pesky things like structure. The Puzzle amounts to idea vomit; by Devin's own admission, this was a dumping ground for random emotional impulses that reflected this entire weird period we've experienced the last two years. And honestly, it's kind of incredible the way it worked out.