Tides Of Man – Every Nothing

After losing vocalist Tilian Pearson, Tides of Man took a risk. They transitioned from a post-hardcore/progressive rock band with a heavy emphasis on vocals to an instrumental post-rock group. Their third album Young and Courageous saw that risk pay off in a big way. This was largely because their youth and courage as a band allowed them to make the drastic change with a confident energy that bled into each song. As risky as their move was, it was as calculated as one could possibly make it. Now it’s time to see if the band’s latest album, Every Nothing, continues the payoff of that risk they took four years ago.

Void Ritual – Death Is Peace

This is the kind of approach we should taken when approaching the latest Void Ritual album. This one man project by Daniel Jackson has been around for a while; Jackson himself has been involved with multiple projects, usually from a multi-instrumentalist perspective. His latest release is very much founded within the tropes of USBM, whether Jackson intended that to be the case or not. Thus, you can expect plenty of fast riffs, creating that abrasive feeling that makes black metal what it is, but interjected with more melody than European black metal usually allows its chords.

Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity Records: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

It’s difficult to have a discussion about underground extreme metal without mentioning Transcending Obscurity Records. Joining the ranks of labels like Dark Descent, Blood Harvest, and I, Voidhanger as one of the most prolific purveyors of underground metal madness on the planet, the label has very quickly become a go-to…