Mask of Judas – The Mesmerist

If it feels like Mask of Judas’ debut album has been a long time coming, it’s because it has. Active since the start of the decade, appearing at the inaugural Tech Fest in 2012 and releasing the Axis EP in 2013, they established themselves at the heavier end of the…

EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE PREMIERE: The Fractured Dimension – Bedevilment And Bewilderment & Frost

Ever heard of Scholomance? Their tenure lasted between 1995 and 2003, and they were way ahead of their time. Helmed by keyboard player extraordinaire Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End, Equipoise, NYN), their brand of progressive death metal was fantastic. Unfortunately, they broke up, but that never stopped Jimmy. He’s been working with a host of talented musicians, including Hannes Grossmann and Danny Tunker of Alkaloid, Carl August Tidemann (ex-Arcturus), Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (Defeated Sanity, ex-Obscura), Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower, Blotted Science), Vishal J Singh (Amogh Symphony), Phil Tougas (First Fragment), Jerry Twyford (Scholomance, Pitts Minnemann Project) and more! Does that line-up make you dizzy? If so, check out the song below the jump, and contribute to their crowd-funder here! Be quick, as there’s only a few days left!

Hey! Listen to Epiphany From the Abyss!

We’re often late to bands on the blog, since there’s just so much music being released. But we’re not often quite this late; we’ve only just heard of Epiphany From the Abyss as they released a self-titled EP to find out it’s their last. Epiphany From the Abyss’s latest album is a farewell, a last gesture for the fans of the band. Beyond the poignant beauty of such a gesture, it’s also a damn fine album, comprised of the kind of technical deathcore that you don’t hear often these days. It’s a true throwback to the halcyon days of deathcore, when the genre was still fresh and solid. As such, even if it is the band’s last, it is definitely a worthy release. Perhaps even more so? In any case, head on down below for your share of guitar licks, guttural vocals and no shortage of blastbeats.