Ulvesang – The Hunt

We stand in what is probably the second worst episode of PR troubles for black metal and its affiliated genres (the first being, you know, the whole church burning and murder thing). As the Overton window shifts and buckles under the constant changes overtaking our society, the question of the…

Heavy Delinquency – World’s End Girlfriend

In 2016, the career of a Tokyo based musical project by name of world’s end girlfriend took a twist. The project, known for abrasive, dense and expansive musical spaces, released an album by the name of LAST WALTZ, adding a ton of influences into the mix. The result is an intriguing, compelling and challenging release that should only serve as the entry point to one of the most interesting careers in underground music. From collaborations with MONO to appearances in film and video games, world’s end girlfriend has experimented with the ties between post rocks, classical music, Japanese soundtracks, noise and much, much more. But it is on 2016 that we completely missed it and thus, it is the project’s 2016 release which we will highlight here.