Crescent – The Order of Amenti

Ancient-Egyptian-themed blackened death metal is a weirdly popular niche. It’s easy to understand the appeal, but just how popular the style can be is surprising at times. What’s even more surprising is that few of these bands are actually from Egypt (mostly this review’s namesake and Scarab). Enter Crescent, a band formed in 1999 but only put out their debut in 2014. Hailing from Cairo, they’ve fit in comfortably to this style, and ready to make waves with their second full-length, The Order of Amenti.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Immolate Yourself In Misanthropic Rage’s “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra”

Ah yes, it’s been a hot minute since we premiered some quality black metal on Heavy Blog. It has really been a fantastic few years for the genre and it’s not looking to slow down. Misanthropic Rage are here to make sure of that. Their Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (“all of nature is renewed by fire”) is a blistering black metal assault, merging furious riffs with unique touches of epic guitar leads and solos and a progressive mindset that keeps everything varied and well lubricated. The result is a complex, engaging and oppressive album which channels well the penchant for the inhuman and massive that black metal has always been infected with. We’re honored to premiere the full thing right here; head on down below for your first taste!

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