Virulent Depravity – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

While tech death has seen a consistent stream of high-quality albums over the past few years, it’s stood for a little while now that the genre presently seems to lack a globally identifiable vanguard of sorts. Meanwhile, bands that have traditionally occupied this role have since gone down a series of different paths:  Necrophagist lay…

Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

Many genres have their own holy grails. “Weird tech death”, which can also be called avant-garde death metal, has a few such releases, but the one that is perhaps most untouched is Demilich’s 1993 masterpiece Nespithe. Artificial Brain’s 2014 debut release Labyrinth Constellation was a clear attempt at this throne, but it focused more on an old school death metal sound than the sheer weirdness. Enter Infrared Horizon, their sophomore release. Here we have a much more focused and experimental album that is closer to the prize than any other album has ever been, and it also happens to be a fantastic record.

Hey! Listen to Jon Poulin!

Alright, you look at the cover art and I tell you that this is a solo guitar project and what are the things that pop into your mind? I bet it’s not “pop-punk meets nu-prog” is it? Well, this is exactly what Jon Poulin’s With Vigor is. Apparently, Poulin is known in his own circles for his pop punk approach but also wanted to introduce more complexity and other facets into his music, resulting in this delightful little album. What can you expect on it? The album is neatly divided between two song types. The first, exhibited in the opening track, is an impossibly infections, smile inducing blend of music that can really only be described as “technical pop-punk”. Remove thy pitchforks and head on down below to listen.