Iapetus – The Long Road Home

Long Island based Iapetus provide us with a left of field lesson in what ambition bridled by talent can create. Their 2017 self-release (which is, and always will be, completely free) The Long Road Home is an ambitious album which spans progressive death metal, neo-folk and progressive metal. It insists, even unto the brink of failure, to go where the vision of the two artists takes it rather than where convention would dictate it should go. As mentioned, during this process it comes dangerously close to overreaching its boundaries and even faintly grazes the markings of overwrought artistry. But for those willing to brave those extremes of wild, self indulgent and un-tethered self expression lies an album full of great musical moments.

Hey! Listen to Somnium Nox!

We’ve mentioned Transcend Obscurity Records on our podcast but it’s time to give them some love in a post as well. The outfit release all manner of abrasive, extreme and heavy music, with bands running the geographical gamut from Australia, to India and Dubai. Their genre classifications are usually focused on black metal but they range into wherever good music is played. Playing into their strengths, they recently reached out to us regarding an Australian band called Somnium Nox who managed to grab their attention with their released single, “The Alnwick Apotheosis”. Somnium Nox, as displayed on this single, write and play a furious breed of atmospheric black metal and, now that we’ve heard Terra Inanis in full, we wholeheartedly recommend it.

PREMIERE: Jump Into the Deep End With Pray For Sound’s “Everywhere, Everywhere” Video

It’s been a while since we mentioned Boston instrumental post-rock group Pray For Sound here. Originally we told you to listen to their 2014 album Dreamer, which Eden complimented for its open, cinematic sounds calling to mind the likes of sleepmakeswaves, Explosions in the Sky, and plenty more. True to form, after telling you all to listen to that album over half a year after its release, we somehow managed to let these guys slip through our fingers again as they released their truly excellent follow-up Everything Is Beautiful last fall. Don’t ask us how it happened because we don’t have a good answer other than us being fools. Certainly don’t think it has anything to do with the quality of the album because Everything Is Beautiful is undoubtedly the most fully-realized and expansive record Pray For Sound have put out. It’s sweeping, cinematic post-rock at its finest that knows how and when to hit heavy and add plenty of interesting knots throughout while maintaining its general feel of open, pastoral beauty.