Samskaras — Asunder

As has been discussed on the podcast twice now, the French Canadian death metal scene has continued to be unbelievably innovative and prolific for over two decades now. Propped up by a roster of key musicians who often have multiple projects to their respective names, it goes without saying that the scene has birthed entirely new approaches to tech death. Just last year, we were treated to stellar releases from both long-established acts (Gorguts) and equally excellent debut albums (First Fragment) -- but it appears the scene insists on being the gift that keeps on giving well into 2017 as well. Enter Samskaras, a two piece featuring multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Eric Burnet of Derelict alongside drummer Alexandre Dupras of Unhuman. At its core -- as one might expect -- the debut EP Asunder is built on the same fundamentals underlying most of the French Canadian scene, both in its approach to technicality as well as its sense of melody.

Post Rock Post – Adam Young Scores

Adam Young is a name which might ring a few bells. His most prominent project, among many, many others, is Owl City, a by-now well known electronic/Americana ensemble. Thus, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Young was extremely prolific in 2016. How prolific? One of his other projects, Adam Young Scores, released an album every month of the year. Yep. Now, it's probable that a lot of this material was stockpiled over the years and then released in one year. However, does that really matter? Not really. The quality matches the quantity as well; Adam Young Scores sees Young run the full gamut of electronic music, post rock and ambient in his search to set some of the world's most famous events/artifacts to music. Every month's release focuses on a different event/artifact and thus changes its music to try and capture some of the atmosphere and unique "flavor" of its subject.