Machinae Supremacy – Into The Night World

Machinae Supremacy, Luleå, Sweden’s number one musical export, are releasing their seventh full-length album in Into the Night World. A little over two years after the release of Phantom Shadow [review], the power metal/chiptune fusion band, self-branded as “SID Metal,” continue their somber themes on Into the Night World. Stepping…

PHOTOS: Asking Alexandria, Born Of Osiris, After The Burial—November 16th, 2016 @ Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD

2016 has been quite the busy year for the Sumerian Records roster. The 10 Years in the Black Tour, featuring Bad Omens, Upon a Burning Body, After the Burial, I See Stars, Born of Osiris, and Asking Alexandria, was the final leg of Sumerian’s year-long series of tours celebrating the…

EXCLUSIVE PREMIRE: Dive Into Heid’s Core With A New Video For “Alba”

Last week, we told you at length about Heid and their Alba, a moving blackened death/folk album which uniquely relies on Iberian mythology and folklore for its thematic roots. Today, we’re exceedingly proud to premiere a music video for the title track from that album. As we said in the review, it’s one of the best tracks to start from if you seek an understanding of what makes the band tick. From the powerful vocals, through the well crafted violin parts and all the way to the melodeath riffs, “Alba” is a perfect mix of everything Heid are trying to achieve on the album. The video focuses on the band performing but intersperses those images with landscape and, mostly, psychedelic characters resplendent in colorful, almost neon, body paint. Head on over below to catch if for the first time yourself!

Hey! Listen to Enemies!

I’m pretty late to the math rock train; the genre has been steadily climbing into the void filled by indie among Internet Metal Nerds, garnering niche attention and love for close to a decade now. However, never say never, right? It helps that math rock seems on the verge of multiple branching points right now, reaching left and right for new sounds, flavors and inspirations. Thus, you get post rock and math rock, math rock and emo, math rock and electronica and so much more. So why not math rock that’s all smooth edges, buttery melodies and spaced out compositions more akin to the trippy sides of stoner rock? I present to you Enemies and their Valuables, an album that’s all undulating bass, delayed guitars and plenty of rhythm to make everything tick. The math rock is what makes everything tick, the dynamo pulsing beneath the melodic oscillations.

60 – AOTY 2016 Deliberations, Part 2: Vape Out

I’m lazy so I’ll copy paste this from last week:

So we’re doing a two-part series on picking the podcast’s official albums of the year 2016. We start with the blog’s list of 400+ albums that are worth consideration this year, whittle it down to 86 albums we care about, and then start cutting them. The objective is to get to a ranked list of 10 items and an overall list of 20 albums. We got down to about 45 last week until the cuts really start to hurt. This week we go down to 20, then to 10. This was real fun to do, so I hope you all enjoy too! The lists will be posted below.