James Norbert Ivanyi – The Usurper

We’ve told you to go and listen to James Norbert Ivanyi before, and we’re here today to tell you to go and listen to him again. In a burgeoning scene which is becoming increasingly populated with derivative and uninspiring music, Ivanyi is still one of the finest one-man instrumentalists out there and he shows it again with his EP from earlier in the year, The Usurper.

PHOTOS: Dark Tranquillity, Swallow The Sun, Enforcer—November 17th, 2016 @ Bada Brew, Joliet, IL

Crest Hill’s Bada Brew isn’t a huge venue, but its intimate nature allows audiences to connect with bands. Dark Tranquillity, now on their eleventh full-length album, have been leading the way alongside other Gothenburg bands in the melodic death metal scene. Atoma comes with a different mindset, but is the…

When The World Screams, Mikael Stanne Of Dark Tranquillity Screams Back: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

Dark Tranquillity have been a longstanding figure in the melodic death metal community, having released solid record after solid record. With the release of Atoma, the band took to the road with Finnish melodic death/doom band Swallow the Sun, fellow Swedes Enforcer who play it old school as a power/thrash…

Bludgeon Me With Bandcamp (Again)

Aside from being a cool title, this feature is really dependent on a band actually having a Bandcamp account. Nowadays, if a band doesn’t have releases streaming on this platform, I might ignore them completely. That’s just how it works. You get used to the layout and ease of something, then anything else seems just meh. But I digress. Back once again with some of the best and most bludgeon(ish) bands releases streaming through Bandcamp right now, I bring you not one, but two British acts laying the smacketh down. Each in their own charming manner.

Hey! Listen to House of Lightning!

House of Lightning are back. Where were they? Who knows? Who cares? What’s really important is that they’re back with a new full-length since their 2014 debut, Lightworker. Consisting of members from Torche, Wrong, and Floor, these dudes don’t mess with Frankenstein-esque genre experiments or tomfoolery. Instead, they invest their talents into the piss-and-vinegar energy of an in-your-face blend of metal, rock, and punk.