Tommy ’86 – Transhumanism

For a mix of reasons, instrumental music tends to carry a greater inherent potential towards the cinematic. Without a primary voice to guide us through the music’s message, we as the audience are both required and enabled to find an emotional and environmental through-line to the sounds we hear; instrumental bands…

Hey! Listen to Montaigne!

We don’t cover pop a lot on the blog. To be honest, that more reflects a blind-spot among our staff members than any grand design; we don’t really cater to the whole “pop is shit, metal rules supreme” narrative, at least not willingly. Regardless, every once in a while something breaks through our genre deafness and speaks to use with a language we can understand, even from within the pop/singer-songwriter genre. Case in point: Montaigne, being the stage name for one Jessica Cerro, a singer/songwriter from Australia (of course). Following a period of mainstream attention and success, Montaigne disappeared for a while before returning triumphantly with her 2016 Glorious Heights.