Korn – The Serenity of Suffering

Few bands out there can lay claim to influencing the creation of an entire musical movement. Meshuggah’s a relatively recent candidate with the explosion of the djent genre that formed in their wake, and despite what you think of the copycats that followed, you can’t necessarily blame them for it; they’re a band that did something different and naturally, others took notice. Korn are in the same boat; their 1993 self titled debut is a celebrated classic, and despite some missteps and the continued teenage angst from an aging band, they should not be thought of in a negative light because of the legions of terrible acts that followed.

Hey! Listen to Tumbleweed Dealer!

First impressions can be misleading, we should all know that by now. This fact becomes crucial for the music journalist as we are exposed to so many bands, albums and tracks in a day that our brain can’t help but fall back on broad stereotypes. Thus, when the name Tumbleweed Dealer first presented itself to me, coupled with the “420” in their Bandcamp URL, my eyebrows lifted more than slightly. However, the spirit of magnanimity was upon me on that day and I decided to give the band a chance to convince me that they were something more than the countless toke-wielding, stoner rock ensembles out there. And boy, was I proven wrong.