Thy Catafalque – Meta

It’s tough for one-man projects to remain consistently exciting: often, their singular nature tends to bog down a sense of advancement or diversity across their sonic explorations. The problem with letting one mind have total creative control is that only one person is in charge, and that there’s only one…

Hashshashin – nihsahshsaH

The word hashasin is linked to the popular emergence of the term assassin, and this group of killers is believed to have been formed during the Crusades. While the group’s convoluted history is beyond the scope of an album review, the takeaway is that the sect’s secretive leader is believed to have drugged potential followers with hashish before convincing them to kill. In addition to being pretty damn metal, these two elements provide something of a metaphor for the sound of Hashshashin, a self-described “psychedelic droneprog” outfit from Australia. It’s helpful that the band described themselves, as this is not the easiest music to characterize.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Coma Cluster Void Think “Everything Is Meant To Kill Us”

Honestly, Coma Cluster Void are fucking terrifying. Utilizing 10 string guitars to create a mind-blasting sonic landscape of avant-garde death metal, Mind Cemeteries became my pick for album of August out of nowhere. When they contacted us wanting to premiere a video, I was simultaneously stoked and nervous. What does a…

Break Out Your Corpsepainted Hymnal with Zeal and Ardor

Back when I was an undergrad, I came across the term “bricolage” while reading Dick Hebdige’s Subculture: The Meaning of Style for one of my communication theory classes. Though he was specifically using the term to analyze punk fashion, the term has a broad meaning covering virtually all forms of art. The concept is simple – bricolage is created by the combination of autonomous objects or practices from disparate contexts to form something with new meaning and style. Creativity is at the core of bricolage, and in my view, musicians that take this approach often produce music that’s at the very least interesting and occasionally quite brilliant. All of this pseudo-intellectual rambling is a product of me discovering Zeal and Ardor’s phenomenal new album Devil is Fine, the project of producer Manuel Gagneux and an excellent example of what bricolage is and why it can produce fantastic results. Frankly, I don’t know what made Gagneux want to combine black metal and black spirituals, but I’m wicked fucking glad he did.

52 – Wow, It’s Been A Year

We’re a year old now! So, we just do news like regular, then some opinion time. Also, bullshit philosophy time is back! Topics: Anthony Fantano on Meshugggah, Vader, Entombed, Red Fang, Car Bomb, Issues, Trivium, In Flames, Thrawsunblat, Ophidius, Avenged Sevenfold. This Metalsucks article on punk and comedy, then this thing about a certain luthier who is too good for pop music. Underrated album of the week: VOLA – Inamazes. Then we talk about why we got rid of review scores here at the blog. Enjoy!