Itzamna – Chascade

When we say "multi-instrumentalist", what do we mean? Certainly, at the basic level of the term, there is the technicality and skill involved in mastering and playing multiple instruments. However, composition and songwriting are also large aspects of the phenomenon described by the term "multi-instrumentalist". We expect a kind of eclectic approach mingled with a far-flung direction, a tone and voice that would single out the "multi-instrumental" artist in our minds as a discrete, musical unit. Clément Belio's career, so far, has both cemented and called into doubt the "multi-instrumentalist" label. His album from 2014, Contrast, was more of an experiment in homage, in variance around familiar themes. It was brilliant, to say the least, but perhaps lacked that innately emotive spark that would cement his direction and musical interest. Thus, we waited with baited breaths for his next release, not quite sure of what to expect. Would the next release continue the line which Contrast sketched out? Would it even be metal, when you take into consideration Belio's extensive, musical education and background?

Wormrot – Voices

There's nothing more satisfying than one random grind track coming on shuffle, straight out of left field. It snaps in with a screech of sound and a barrage of elements that disappear into the ether shortly after. What does one do after baring witness to just one flash of heaven? Play some more. Henceforth, all who skip to "that grind album" are going to slide down onto W for Wormrot or V for Voices because A) This album grinds B) This album innovates C) This album won't be beaten.