Opeth – Sorceress

Since these once trailblazers, a band who formed an entire genre underneath their influence, have turned to retrospection, the issues of meaningful repetition echo throughout their two previous releases. And now these issues thunder on in their newest effort, Sorceress, third of the “post-growl” Opeth (or fourth, if you’re someone who includes transitions within their phenomena). With a clearly stated backwards gaze, an intentional and meditated imitation of trendsetters at its basis, Sorceress simply cannot be understood as anything other than a further data point in the age old pursuit after the meaning and nature of inspiration.

Knocked Loose – Laugh Tracks

There’s nothing worse than a let down after a big wait. The tension, anticipation and slight giddiness. Sweating palms at the prospect. Then it’s shit on and everything is dust. Laugh Tracks is not one of these let downs. The eagerly (sweatily) anticipated release from Kentucky natives Knocked Loose was always going to drop bombs. The youngsters involved haven’t let their charming young demeanor fool anyone. This bludgeoning half hour experience is too good to pass up. Appropriate levels of personal protective equipment are required from this point onward.

PHOTOS: Devin Townsend Project, Between the Buried and Me—September 23rd, 2016 @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL

It’s been almost seven years since Between the Buried and Me and Devin Townsend Project last toured together. At the beginning of 2010, both of these bands hit the road with the ever-so-airy Cynic soon after they had released Traced in Air. Between the Buried and Me themselves had unleashed…

Heavy Chat Is Heavy: Streaming Exclusivity

We’ve covered the concept of streaming exclusivity before, including our extensive deep dive on steaming services and our multiple opinion pieces on Protest the Hero’s Pacific Myth. But 2016 has seen an explosion of high-profile artists releasing exclusive, stream-only releases on platforms like Tidal and Apple Music. With industry heavyweights like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean signing on to the trend, it seems as though this might be a new feature of modern music consumption that – for better or worse – might be here to stay. So we assembled a group of editors and contributors interested in the subject to dissect the issue in our latest Heavy Chat. The conversation ended up running long, but we think you’ll find we covered a lot of ground and – hopefully – you’ll learn a bit more about the way your music consumption is likely morphing right in front of your eyes.

Hey! Listen To Chateau!

Sure, we talk a lot on here about how good New England’s metal and hardcore scene is, but let’s not forget that North Carolina has really been stepping up the quality of its bands over the past several years. Though black metal certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you picture the crop of bands that come out of this area, Raleigh’s Chateau are clearly onto something special here. Though they only have a demo and one EP to their name as of right now, they’re about to release Moons Over the Slaughter, an impressive four-song bludgeoning that’s as evil as it is entertaining.