Dysrhythmia – The Veil of Control

There is a dissonance to the music of Dysrhythmia not employed by the above bands, and, obviously, Neil Peart has never employed blast beats, though Rush is perhaps a great analogy for what Dysrythmia aspires to, as both bands feel collaborative and feature equal contributions to the larger sound. But these extreme metal flourishes are only one element of the music and weave seamlessly with the larger tapestry, rather than being the dominant color, resulting in an album influenced by extreme metal, as opposed to an extreme metal album.

Hey! Listen to Whispered!

Whispered hail from Finland, but don’t tell them that. Spiritually, the hearts of the all-Finn band beat in time with the samurai warriors of Japan’s yesteryear. Whispered gallop and scream themselves hoarse like a charged-up Ensiferum, but with the help of traditional Japanese folk instruments like the koto and shamisen instead of the more generic ensemble many folk metal bands like Ensiferum employ. It’s easy to assume that Whispered are a gimmick band, desperately scraping for relevance in a crowded modern melodeath scene with the distinctive twang of their shamisen. But Whispered don’t appropriate the ancient sounds of Japan lightly; the thick tapestry of Japanese music and culture weaves throughout every stitch of their newest release, Metsutan – Songs of the Void.