Telepathy’s “Hiraeth” Is A Masterclass In Post-Metal’s Infinite Possibilities

If you look through the article we wrote on this sub-genre a while ago, you’ll find hiraeth in nearly all of the examples we listed there. One of those examples is what brought us here today. Telepathy’s follow up to 12 Areas. is one of the releases these two writers have been most anticipating. Lo and behold, just short of a European tour which Heavy Blog is proud to sponsor, the band have released “Hiraeth” and an amazing video to match it. Unsurprisingly, like much of their former work, it’s a chilling, dark and moving addition to the annals of post-metal. By returning again and again to this elusive feeling of bereavement, by strumming the strings of this particular, morose heart, Telepathy use the tools of post-metal in a convincing and original way.