Tesseract – Errai

Since their inception, Tesseract haven’t been averse to revisiting older works and manipulating them into a more contemporary framework. They’ve been redoing grooves, experimenting with acoustic versions of old songs, and always trying to further distance themselves from the djent scene that they helped propel five years ago. With their most recent full-length, 2015’s Polaris, the band showed that they were straying even further from their metal roots. There were still plenty of moments that’ll open up pits the world over, but Tesseract could almost be argued as a progressive/alternative rock band at this point. Now looking at Errai, an EP with four reworked Polaris tracks, it’s evident that Tesseract are arguably at their best when they’re at their most distant.

Best Of: Guitar Solos

In this edition of Heavy Blog’s Best Of, we’re taking on the mighty guitar solo. For as long as metal has existed, solos have been a staple of the genre. They might serve as a platform for the freedom of musical expression, or as trophies of technical excellence. Many of…

Watch FAMILY Rip Through “Precedent” In New Guitar Playthrough

We haven’t talked about them frequently around here, but Brooklyn-based progressive stoner/sludge outfit FAMILY are a band any fan of the harder and heavier sounds of Mastodon or Baroness should really be listening to. We loved their most recent album Future History for its awesome mixture of killer riffs, triumphant energy, and tasteful injection of other, more diverse elements. Hands-down one of the best examples of that is “Precedent,” a behemoth of a track that clocks in at a little under 7 minutes and never lets go. I had a chance to work with them recently on a guitar playthrough for the track, and I’m pleased to be premiering it right here!

Hey! Listen to Insane Power!

There’s been some fantastic hardcore this year, and it only continues with this band. Maryland’s Insane Power, though new to the scene, showcases a hardcore style with very minor influence from thrash, but is most assuredly HC of the highest kind. It’s noisy, angry, and just fucking brutal in all the right places.