Mizmor – Yodh

The ties between the occult and language have been explored on this blog a few times in the past. However, they bear repeating whenever we find ourselves faced with a release from a specific subset of doom metal. This niche, sub-genre runs the usual offerings of doom metal through a dark lense, channeling oppression and bleakness via a thick haze of occult references, esoteric ideas and obscure aesthetics. Mizmor are fit the bill of this subset almost perfectly, from name to cover art and, of course, through their music. The end result is Yodh, a hard to stomach album which nonetheless holds plenty of depth and interest for fans of feedback replete metal, screeched vocals and a boundless desire for self-annihilation.

No Heroes In New England // Week of 8/7/16

New England: home of the Red Sox, Jack Kerouac, and some pretty damn fine hardcore. And as much as I’d love to obsess about and name celebrities that also call this place home, we have a fucking article to do! For those who are new: No Heroes is a weekly column that sheds some light on new and upcoming hardcore bands from New England. “Hardcore” in this context is a little vague, referring to not only metalcore (metallic hardcore), but hardcore punk and basically anything else using the hardcore title. Enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream The New Cortexiphan Album!

A pompous part of me likes to think I’m Heavy Blog’s resident tech death expert (I’m probably not). Whether or not that’s actually, objectively true, and/or even remotely a defensible opinion for me to have of myself, I do like to think I have a decent barometer of what’s well made and what isn’t in the realm of shred heroics and hyperspeed blastbeats that make up this beloved subgenre. Or at least I did have one, until the Cortexiphan debut — which we have the immense honour of premiering for you tonight — wandered over into my ears and more or less overloaded it completely. Check out the goods below!

Hey! Listen to Triangle!

What’s better than death metal, grindcore, and hardcore? When they’re all put together into some nutty chaos, that’s what. Meet Triangle. Straight out of Belgium, they play the above genre in such a way that you really don’t notice any of the influences too distinctly, until you really sit down and listen.