Half Life – Equilibrium

Throughout their career, Equilibrium have managed to create some of the most effortlessly epic and delightfully energetic metal this side of Blind Guardian. Now, with their new album Armageddon coming out August 12th, let’s dissect Equilibrium’s discography so we can see where they’ve been, and where they might be going.…

SHOW REVIEW: Summer Slaughter 2016 – July 30 @ The Palladium, Worcester, MA

Despite my criticism of last year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, I’m actually a fan of several past lineups and the bands they boasted. My first Summer Slaughter back in 2014 had an absolutely monstrous billing which featured some of my all-time favorite death metal bands (Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus in particular). This year’s lineup bore a similarly stacked lineup that allowed me to overlook some of my main criticisms with the tour, being a repetitive selection and – for the Worcester date specifically – an absurd number of opening acts that are relegated to an upper stage removed from the main performances. Unfortunately, these issues became the least of my worries, as a combination of persistent sound issues and band-specific criticisms detracted from an initially promising roster.