Periphery – Periphery III: Select Difficulty

Despite the many contrarians and detractors that initially wrote them off for inspiring the djent movement, Periphery have become an institution in progressive metal as they approach the release of their fifth full-length album Periphery III: Select Difficulty. Each album so far has rocked rotation in their respective years of release, with last year’s double album Juggernaut taking up two spots on our year-end list of favorites. Admittedly though, despite the fandom around these parts, Heavy Blog staff approached Select Difficulty with a bit of apprehension; after dropping two full-lengths, are we ready for new material from Periphery, or would they be overstaying their welcome? Believe it or not, between the band’s six songwriters, there’s plenty of good ideas knocking around a year later. In fact, Select Difficulty may be the group’s best collection of songs since their self-titled debut.

Frameworks – Smother

About a year ago Frameworks¬†received a (well deserved) chance to earn some recognition on a much larger scale. They were invited to open for legendary melodic hardcore act Modern Life Is War, as well as Geoff Rickley of Thursday’s emoviolence project United Nations. In a lineup so stacked, it should…