Earthship – Hollowed

Last time we checked in with Earthship, the Berlin based quarter was furiously producing some of the heaviest stoner music around. However, we had cited a distinct lopsided feeling to their Withered, the momentum on the album having taken too long to build. Now, the masters of aggression have returned and seek to perfect their craft. Hollowed is their 2016 release, with a name which clearly echoes their last release. This is a clever move by the band; naturally, we will approach the album with an expectation from them to exceed what came before, wholly attentive and engaged with the album. This clearly formulates our main question for this review: have Earthship managed to transcend what held them back previously and create an album that’s not only good (as the last one was) but something more, something with a hint of excellence?

“People Think This &@%# is Good?!” // Dealing With “That” Album

We’ve all been there; we’ll see (or, rather, hear) a new album that, to you, doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

And that’s all great, but then the rest of the world seems to explode about said album, praising it as the paragon of a new age of music. The critics can barely keep it in their pants because of it; your friends won’t shut up about it; it sweeps all the AOTY lists, and any other awards ceremony you might care about, all the while you just sit there and wonder: “why?” Why the fuck would anyone find this to be that good? You might wonder if you just don’t “get it,” like you’re missing an important part of the picture.

Again, this is hardly a new experience for most music listeners, regardless of genre, but it’s a phenomenon so frustrating that it tries you again and again. I can definitely say that I’ve been there in the last few years; there are just some releases that seem beyond my perception. I’ve learned (or at least have tried) to get over it, and ignore it, but, you know, it’s tough, so I thought it might be a good idea to explain ways of dealing with that album in a positive way, instead of becoming another internet troll or just getting frustrated enough to punch a hole in the wall.