Be’lakor – Vessels

There are two types of melodic death metal fans: those who love Be’lakor, and those who have never heard of them – for they are one of the few bands since the genre’s progenitors to push the genre forward in meaningful and exciting ways. Best described as what Opeth would…

No Heroes in New England // Week of June 12, 2016

Welcome to yet another week of No Heroes in New England—your source for only the best hardcore that New England has to offer to the world. Last week shed some light on some excellent bands, including Chaos Cross, Burden, and Mass Graves, and this week we have some weird stuff, including the newest genre craze, Spongecore (not really, but more on that later), and just some more kickass music that you’ll want to listen to so loud that you’ll develop tinnitus.

So, strap on in and enjoy another entry of No Heroes!

Instar’s Debut EP Is Ready To Take You On An Adventure

We’ve spoken of Instar before, around a year and a half ago to be exact. Back then the project of bassist (and good friend of the blog) Gregory Greenberg was in its nascent stages and only had one track, “We’re Getting Older” (which also happened to feature vocals from Hayato Imanishi of Cyclamen and Heavy Blog contributor and Omega Experiment creator Dan Wieten). But that one track piqued enough of our interests that we felt compelled to write about it and support him. In fact, one of us felt so compelled by the music that he actually joined on as a contributor to the project. Our very own Eden Kupermintz joined forces with Greg to provide lyrical inspiration as well as his own velvety pipes as narration on one track. After much collaboration and work, Instar’s first official EP is complete and ready for full public consumption, which you should get on pronto!

Post Rock Post – Red Hands Black Feet

Space, in modern culture, is often portrayed as too clean. Spaceships lift off with smooth engines, piercing through the atmosphere with an athlete’s grace. Some aberrations from this cleansed norm exist, but mostly space is all about sleekness, efficiency and neon blue dreaming. However, what reality of space exploration exists reveals something crude, inefficient, dangerous and, often, dirty. A re-imagining is required, one that would bring back the balance in how we see the next final frontier. Red Hands Black Feet are here to assist us with that. Within the genre of post-rock, that clean perception of space is prevalent. Red Hands Black Feet, however, mix their dreamy post-rock with a helpful of sludge, sending furious blast-beats to chase down the starry gaze of delayed guitars and solemn melodies.

34 – The Hunger ft. David Wu Of Cyborg Octopus

This week we have a great interview! If you haven’t heard of Cyborg Octopus, you should! Check out my review here. David Wu, the man who is behind 90% of the curtain joins us to talk about the process of song writing, progressive metal, creativity and much more. One of the best interviews we’ve had! After that, we go