PHOTOS: Baroness, Heiress—March 29th, 2016 @ Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC

Baroness returned to Vancouver playing at the famous Commodore Ballroom to play an amazing set covering their four albums. With each song came clever lighting that matched which album the song was from. Mostly being 2016’s Purple and pasts Green/Yellow. Purple is like a new train of thought for Baroness. You can feel with each song how they have grown and progressed as a band with a heightened level of technicality, groove, and melody. Which only seems natural to any fan who knows of the bands past. Their live show is no different. Every aspect of the production exceeded expectations. The setlist was well rounded and the stage presence of the band was top notch, but don’t take my word for it. The photos speak for themselves.

Joining Baroness for a mini-tour of the west coast was Heiress of Seattle who put on an intense and loud show that would appeal to any fan of Baroness’ earlier works. After seeing them live I honestly cant think of many bands that could have complimented Baroness better. Kudos to Heiress!

Hey! Listen to Throwers!

It seems like every year a new, incredibly talented metallic hardcore/noise group comes into the fold or gains some much-deserved mainstream recognition. Last year we were treated to Great American Ghost, 2014 found Expire wowing us with Pretty Low, in 2013 Hessian released their debut Manégarmr, and before that, all the way back in 2012, Code Orange came onto the scene with their awesome Love Is Love // Return to Dust album.

While we still have six months left of 2016, I believe that Germany’s Throwers will prove to be a future powerhouse of aggressive hardcore, with their debut Loss setting the foundation of their reign as hardcore royalty.

*prognotes – Fleshgod Apocalypse’s King

Welcome to another edition of *prognotes! We hinted this was coming when we looked at a few Fleshgod Apocalypse album covers, and today we’re going to be diving deep into their stellar 2016 release King. Before delving into the individual tracks, we should take a look at the overall concept of the album. Each track is from the point of view of a different member of the royal court, and to see why that’s the case here are a couple of interview excerpts with pianist/orchestrator Francesco Ferrini and lead vocalist/guitarist Tommaso Riccardi respectively:

“[We] wanted a strong characterization for each character involved in the story, so we started from the idea of writing specific songs for each one… Each [character] represents, metaphorically, a different aspect of human nature… In a world that runs so fast, the King is an ideal carrier for strong values that humanity around him lost track of. Some of these values might appear old-fashioned, even outdated somehow, but nowadays, there’s too much left behind in the name of ‘progress.’ ” F.F. (newnoisemagazine)

“All the other characters in the court represent the fears that can lead us to make everything worse” T.R. (decibel)