Weekend Nachos – Apology

Going to a hardcore show nowadays is an interesting, if not slightly disturbing, thing. Upon walking in, almost immediately, you are greeted by the sight of legions of hardcore kids; close shaved hair cuts, Nike Air Maxes (or similar shoes), camo shorts, and a shirt from one of the same three 80’s/90’s hardcore bands (Trapped Under Ice, Madball, or Youth of Today). And, more importantly than how they look – standing there in their get ups, arms folded across their chest or firmly bringing a cigarette to their lips – is the attitude they exert; one of hostility and, somewhat oddly given hardcore’s basic principles, of conformity. These people are unflinching, devoted to whatever character they are playing and seemingly unable to take a joke at the expense of hardcore or deviate much from their standard genre listening beyond hardcore.

From the Heavy Blog Is Live Archives: Author & Punisher – 11/3/15

As anyone who has been following us for a while likely knows, I shot and edited a lot of live shows last year. To be frank, these are not easy to produce. Filming multicam videos of these concerts by myself is exhausting and often stressful, and editing them is a pretty significant time-suck. I’m not saying this as a “woe is me” type of thing because even though I do these for you all completely for free and they’re a lot of work, I get to see amazing bands perform for free, and I love doing this kind of work. I’m saying this though to give a little background into where I am currently as a freelance video producer/editor who has become much busier over the course of the past year. I’m not shooting as many shows these days for the reasons I just stated, but also because last year I wound up shooting so much that I couldn’t actually keep up with it all and edit everything I got.

Reel Good Sh1t: Best Music Vidyas Of May

It’s halfway through the year, and I know most of the staff here are already putting together their best of lists in their heads. Not me. Looking at the best music videos of every month has kept me busy enough as is and this month has been just as busy. May’s music video selection has a repeat, violent offender with more monochromatic misery, genre legends with a monster of a comeback, noisy headache rock music and a pit full of fake blood. I love all four of these bands., and this is probably the only format or list where I could possibly get a chance to write about them all at once. So enjoy. Or not.

32 – Podcast, In Ten Pieces.

Hello everyone! We have a bit of a special week for you; as Noyan was unavailable, we are proud to present you with Eden’s interview of Nicholas Andrews (which goes on for more than the 30 minutes which Eden mistakenly cites in the intro because he is an egg), member of the post-metal band Dumbsaint! As Eden says in the intro, these guys are one of the most promising post metal acts around, coming right out of the dynamic Australian scene. They’re doing something pretty unique and special with their latest album, Panorama, In Ten Pieces.. In June, a full feature film will be released which serves as a companion piece to the album. It explores themes of horror, urban decay, personal instability, sexual deviance and more, all while meshing with the album’s music in intelligent ways. The two talk about the album, post metal, the Australian scene and much more!