Withered – Grief Relic

Absence makes the great grow fonder. Absence also makes the wait for a new album somewhat tortuous. Will the wait be worth it? Are people still going to be receptive of what the band try to do? Will there be clean singing? Grief Relic answers these question with two positives and a flat no. Just the six years after their last record, Withered lay down the groundwork for a movement of doom inspired blackened death metal that may never take off. Not because the primal, depraved music is not good enough. No. This movement may never take off because it’s foundations are that spectacular, anything built on top wouldn’t match up to the original craft.

Connecting the Dots: At the Drive-In

There are bands whose members keep to themselves, and when their career is up, they recede into the background, never really to be heard from again, except for maybe a side project that is inevitably less well-received than their main band. However, there exists another breed of musicians that seem to make an entire scene out of their own presence alone, and manage to both write solid music and remain incredibly prolific.

Stepping Stone: Killswitch Engage’s Alive Or Just Breathing

Jimmy Two’s first edition of this column was great and had me harking back to the glory days of browsing CD’s for hours and stressing because I only ever had enough money for one. One album kept coming to mind when I was considering what to pick for this feature. The album in question is the often heralded Alive Or Just Breathing by Killswitch Engage.