Music tends to take me by surprise rarely these days. For the most part, there’s only a handful of bands that I get shown where I am genuinely interested in them specifically because they don’t sound like I expect them to. There’s also those bands that just surprise me by coming out of nowhere and making some really great music. Throat Culture is a group that does both simultaneously, and we have an exclusive premiere of their new video for “Spell Casting”, which is made to look like old home movies (which I’m a sucker for). Check it out!

The music is like a mix of hardcore with some punk influence in it. The vocals are shrieked with a certain intensity that sounds like true rage and pain. The music itself is subdued in the sense that the vocals are at the forefront, but eloquently so. It does so in a way that makes it feel very real and free of frills. The video itself, however, is extremely chaotic and frantic, almost as if you could pluck this from a serial killer’s basement after his apprehension and use it to demonstrate his insanity. I really enjoy this, and I think you guys will too once you listen! They band have a new 7″ coming out called Everyone Loves You, so be sure to get it when it drops on June 17th! Be sure to check the band out on Facebook and Bandcamp for more!


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