Sumac – What One Becomes

Given the huge cult followings of metal pioneers like Isis and Botch, it’s honestly quite puzzling why Sumac didn’t completely explode last year with their debut LP, The Deal. It felt like some of frontman Aaron Turner’s most inspired and chaotic material ever, constantly ebbing-and-flowing between angular/dissonant hardcore and pummeling…

Giving Back: Punks for PAWS

There is no question that music is a common thread between all of humanity, a common unifying factor that brings all of us together. It helps us to find and express empathy with complete and total strangers who can live millions of miles away from us in completely different worlds, as well as help connect us to those in our immediate proximity. It is beautiful what music can do for us all, but what is even more powerful is when we take this common, unifying tool and use it to give back to those around us, showing that our passion is not just simply self indulgent but charitable as well. This is exactly what Punks for PAWS – a fast approaching festival on June 4th at Second Empire in Philly – has set out to do as it uses the medium of music to raise money for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

Hey! Listen to Oak Pantheon!

The only thing that might console us after we heard that Agalloch is no more, is the knowledge that they have had massive influences on many bands. Basically bringing folk black metal to the masses, their depressing and frigid hand rests on the shoulders of countless bands. These bands have picked up the mantle (get it?) of black metal sprinkled with quieter passages who set the soul and mind wandering. A paragon of this legacy is Oak Pantheon. The band, who have been around since 2011, create emotional, varied and fascinating black metal. The folk elements, combined at some points with almost melodic death metal, create a heady counterpoint to the heavier parts, a balancing act we’ve known to grow and love. However, unlike many bands now operating within the genre, they hold their own sound and don’t rely on tried and true formulas for strength.